Laurence Lee Solicitors

Established in 1981 on the passing of his Boss Cyril Carr, Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Laurence acquired the Practice and rapidly established one of the largest and most highly respected Law Practices in the North of England.

Laurence has handled some of the biggest and most famous cases in English Legal History particularly the James Bulger Murder in which he represented Jon Venables.

Since the Trial of this tragic case in 1993 Laurence has not only lectured to students at home and abroad but also contributed regularly in the Press whenever the case hits the headlines for whatever reason.

Several years ago Laurence reported for the BBC on a similar Murder in Norway where he compared the contrasting reactions of British and Norwegian Society.  He is constantly asked by Universities, Colleges and Schools to relate his experiences.

When Laurence is not addressing students or watching Everton F.C he is busy looking after his large Criminal Clientele aided greatly by his Criminal Legal Team

Sian Garrett, Brigitte Waters and Julie Grimes.

Laurence is a member of the Serious Fraud Panel and handles all forms of Complex Fraud Cases together with large Drug Conspiracies and Importations.